"Are you well, János?"

Translation:Jól vagy, János?

July 24, 2016

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Can this also be Jól van, János? with the ön conjugation?

Or does the use of a given name pretty much mean it must be te rather than ön?

(At least here in Germany, given names usually correlate with du, but there are exceptions in some situations - "Hamburger Sie" and "Münchner Du".)


"Jól van, János?" is perfectly fine, and, based on that article, it would be used in the same situations as "Hamburger Sie".


Can the word order be changed to "vagy jól"? Would that just sound strange or be completely wrong?


The adverb has to be directly in front of the word it modifies -- "vagy" in this case.


The adverb doesn't always have to be in front of the word it modifies - gyorsabban futok reggel (I'd say reggel is indeed an adverb here) or even reggel futok a leggyorsabban. It has to do more with the conveyed meaning imo.


ugh... i always do it backwards, i wrote "vagy jól". hopefully one of these days i can get better, i truly adore everything to do with Hungary...


What's the difference between jó and jól?


What's the difference between jó and jól?

  • : good
  • jól : well
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