"Milyen a repülőgép?"

Translation:What is the plane like?

July 24, 2016

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What kind/type of airplane is it? etc. should be accepted too.


That would be more like "Ez milyen repülőgép?", "Milyen repülőgép ez?" - The question word "milyen" is aimed at "repülőgép".

"Milyen a repülőgép?" is like "How is the airplane?" / "What is the airplane like?" - The question word "milyen" aimed at the state of the airplane.


I put..what kind of aircraft is it? ...but it was wrong. Does repülőgép only mean aeroplane? Thanks


This is not the first correct answer I have been given. The first one was "What kind of plane is it?" in response to my previous (clearly incorrect) answer. Having given it on repeat it was marked as incorrect and this one was given instead.


Being bloody-minded I fed in the same answer the third time round and it was accepted!!!


Airplane, plane, aeroplane are all acceptable nouns depending on which side of the Atlantic you are on. Please fix this

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