"Is that a boy or a girl?"

Translation:Az egy fiú vagy egy lány?

July 24, 2016

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Hungarian grammar makes me cry


Just because it leaves out pointless words? :)


I love it when languages leave out pointless words, I just love it when it ALWAYS leaves out pointless words, instead of this weird flip-flop


Az = that (or "the" if directly in front of a noun starting with a vowel)

Ez = this


Wouldn't "Az fiú vagy lány?" be correct as well?


That works as well, but it sounds much better with egy included.


And why only one "egy"? Could I say also "Az egy fiú vagy egy lány?"?


Ok, I see it above as correct, so I could. But in a multiple choice, I had "Az egy fiú vagy lány?" as correct. So why only one "egy"?


It's a valid sentence, but yes, it's a bit weird. It sounds pretty much like "Is it a boy or girl?" in English, where the answer would probably be "Yes."

Nonetheless, it's a correct translation.


This is polite: Ő egy fiú, vagy egy lány? Wrong:Az Is this a chair or a window? This is correct: AZ egy szék, vagy egy ablak? (Because are objects: chair,car,door.. but not are objects: boy, girl,dog,mother,father...because have a heart.


Az is for things. Ö is for people


Hi Everyone ! How does vagy translate here ? Is it the verb "is" ?


Vagy is simply "or" in this sentence. (Vagy can also translate as "you are", so you're right to be wary.)

In copula sentences (sentences of the form "[Object] is [quality]") you don't translate "is" or "(they) are" into Hungarian. You just smoosh "object" and "quality" together:

  • Ez fiú. - This (is) a boy.
  • A ház magas. - The house (is) tall.
  • Azok a féfiak nem orvosok. - Those men (are) not doctors.

If the subject is not a 3rd person ("he/she/it" or "they"), you use a form of "to be"/van, though:

  • Fiú vagyok. - I am a boy.
  • Magas vagy. - You are tall.
  • Nem vagytok orvosok. - You are not doctors.


Waw ! amazing answer, köszönöm szépen !! it's crystal clear now !

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