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  5. "My mamy dziecko."

"My mamy dziecko."

Translation:We have a child.

July 24, 2016



Oh why didn't you tell me Jenny, does it have my eyes, my way with words, does it look like me at all?


They told us dziecko is child? -


Yes, "child" is always the main answer, with "kid" and "baby" being accepted as well.


Still no sound and it's been longer than 1 hour


MyMamyDziecko • ↢ • ↣ • My ( We - ProNoun - 1st Pers Plu ) • From Proto-Slavic My, from Proto-Indo-European Me-

Num ↓ Nom Gen Dat Acc Ins Loc Voc
Plu My Nas Nam Nas Nami Nas -

MamyMieć ( to have - Verb • From Proto-Slavic Jьměti (stem Jьma-) • ęti ( to take )

Inf ↓ 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd
ProN → Ja Ty On Ona Ono My Wy Oni One
Mieć Mam Masz Ma Mamy Macie Mają

Dziecko ( child ) From Proto-Slavic DětęDzie-cko:
Sing: cko cka ciom cko ckiem cku cko
Plu: ci ci ciom ci ćmi ciach ci

Num ↓ Nom Gen Dat Acc Ins Loc Voc
Sing → cko cka ciom cko ckiem cku cko
Plu → ci ci ciom ci ćmi ciach ci


What is the difference between "mamy dziecko" and "my many dziecko"?


First and second person pronouns are usually omitted, unless they are emphasised.



The previous example had no "My" (Mamy jabłko = We have an apple) so why does this one say "My mamy dziecko"?


Because 'why not', I'd say. Whoever wrote it, decided to include the pronoun, which is surely correct, even if the pronoun is redundant, and this is still the very beginning of the course, so more sentences use the pronoun explicitly.

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