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  5. "היא אומרת שהיא קורבן."

"היא אומרת שהיא קורבן."

Translation:She says that she is a victim.

July 24, 2016



Is this related to the biblical term for sacrifice?


Yes, the meaning of קורבן was broadened in modern Hebrew. קורבן means both 'a sacrifice' and 'a victim'.


So this could also mean "she says that she is a sacrifice"? That's not a sentence you hear every day, but I can imagine it coming up in cults.


That's interesting: the Dutch word for "victim" (e.g. of an accident) is a "slachtoffer".


How is it interesting ?


Why isn't she a קורבנה?


There is no female form to קורבן because it is a noun, not an adjective. So, she is a victim - היא קורבן. Similarly, he is a phenomenon - הוא תופעה.


Then what about חבר/חברה, that is a noun, to?


I would say קׇרְבָּן is used for both genders, because it does not really denote a person, but their use as an depersonised object. Its Biblical use as a technical term for sacrificial offerings in a solemn presentation to JHWH, be they bloody or unbloody, may have fixed the gender-neutral use of the masculine form too. Note that the post-biblical plural is קׇרְבָּנוֹת! (PS. German das Opfer and French la victime are also used for men and women alike, although these languages love coining different words for female and male occupations)

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