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  5. "My plate is empty!"

"My plate is empty!"

Translation:הצלחת שלי ריקה!

July 24, 2016



ha tzalakhat shely reikah


Why are you allowed to put an extra היא in this sentence, as in "הצלחת שלי היא ריקה"?


In sentences of the type "Noun is adjective", the copula is optional.


Lately it seems that an -additional correct answer- is exactly the answer I gave! Could someone check and see if this is a glitch or a bug?


By accident I typed רוקה instead of ריקה but it was not only accepted, but listed as correct.


If it was a listening exercise, they seem to count small mistakes as typing errors and don't comment on them. You can even make a small error in two words and they will still count it as correct. So for the listening exercises, correct just means "good try".

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