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"Ai sẽ cho anh ấy một học bổng?"

Translation:Who will give him a scholarship?

July 24, 2016



Does anyone else hear an extra consonant between "mot" and "hoc"?


Yes, that is what I hear very often. He puts an n-sound behind một.


It’s not a Chinese compound; from:

  • 學 ‘study’

Mandarin: xué

Cantonese: hok6

  • 俸 ‘wages, salary’

Mandarin: fèng

Cantonese: fung2/6


Last time this answer was, 'Ai sẽ cho anh ta một học bổng?' and I was marked wrong when I used what you now say is the correct answer? I presumed 'anh ta' was him, and anh ấywas he?

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