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"They want both a chocolate cake and a cheese cake."

Translation:הם רוצים גם עוגת שוקולד וגם עוגת גבינה.

July 24, 2016



Why is there the word גם? Where is in this sentence also or too?


Both... and... = גם... וגם...


Thank you a lot!


Why is cake spelled עוגת instead of עוגה? I've noticed this happens sometimes with ארוחה/ארוחת as well, but haven't figured out the pattern.


It's the construct state. In this case, changing the ה to ת shows that the first noun is being used to describe the second one. It's not cheese AND cake, it's CHEESEcake. (Sometimes when this happens in English, we hyphenate the two words, but not always).

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