"Many tourists are waiting at the train station."

Translation:A pályaudvarokon sok turista vár.

July 24, 2016

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pályaudvaron is the correct word


You are right. Why don't you report the error?


I reported this as well, and I am sorry to say but I feel that reporting mistakes here is a total waste of time. Guilth has reported this obvious mistake one month ago and it is still here.


I get emails telling me that alternative translations that I have reported are now accepted.

They are trickling in slowly, but they do exist. So it's not a complete waste of time.

The pace merely seems very slow. But they have a new team member as of four days ago so the pace may increase - we shall see.

It may still take weeks (perhaps even months) for a report to be acted on.


Thank you for this information


The error still persists after a year.


I just reported this again today, at the bug report area with a screenshot. We will see if anyone responds!

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