"Znamy odpowiedź."

Translation:We know the answer.

July 24, 2016

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Is "odpowiedź" a neuter name?


many feminine nouns end with soft or semi soft consonants. All neuter nouns end with vovel.

most consonant ending feminine nouns have singular accusative=singular nominative. they also tend to have singular genitive=plural nominative=plural genitive=plural accusative.


Yes, that's something that immery has missed, the -um ending is neuter.


It's feminine actually. Behaves kinda like neuter - which is seen in the fact it didn't change the form here, in Accusative.


I'm working on understanding Polish grammar and thought I would share my thought process as it may help others, and to check if my understanding is correct.

  • Znamy is used because we want to describe the people doing the 'knowing' in the 1st person plural (we).

  • Odpowiedź is used because the 'answer' in this sentence is in the accusative case because it is the direct object of the action (to know).


"We know a response" is considered a typo. Absurd!


Obviously a mistake, fixed now.


isn't wiemy odpowierdz more appropriate?


No, it's not. Your level in Spanish is lower, but maybe it helps you to know that "wiedzieć" is like "saber" and "znać" is like "conocer".

Anyway, see here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/25535826

tl;dr: "wiedzieć" is for "to know, that X", "to know about X"; while "znać" is for "to know X".


right, those verbs are how I translated it. I guess I thought it was se la respuesta not conozco la respuesta

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