"Egy fiatal férfi a hegyen fekszik és alszik."

Translation:A young man is lying and sleeping on the mountain.

July 24, 2016

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"a young man is lying and sleeping on the mountain" sounds more natural for me in english


And to me, "is lying on the mountain and sleeping" sounds more natural :)

And Google also has 188K results for "lying on the bed and sleeping" vs. 14K for "lying and sleeping on the bed".

So hopefully both versions are accepted :)


I would realistically omit the "and" and say "lying on the bed sleeping"; if we must include the "and", I would agree with guilth that "lying and sleeping on the bed" sounds more natural.

However, I don't know where you're getting those numbers, because I googled all three variations and got 15.2M for all of them...


Did you include the quotation marks around the phrases? Otherwise it just searches for the individual words (in any order).


Ah. In that case, can confirm your results, plus 18.5K for "lying on the bed sleeping".


A young man lies down on the hill and sleeps - was marked wrong. Is it totally wrong!!!


"To lie down" sounds much like a movement - sich hinlegen, lefekszik. Er liegt aber dort schon eine Weile, so I would just use "to lie".

"Hill" is maybe better translated with domb, but that might be a personal preference.


Versions with lying down are not accepted, exacty for the reason that RyagonIV said: lying down implies movement, so in Hungarian: lefekszik a hegyre / a hegyre (le)fekszik

"a hegyen fekszik" is a still position, lying on the hill


"a young man lies and sleeps on the hill" was marked wrong. While the hint for hegyen shows both mountain and hill as possibilities. Should my answer be accepted or is it wrong?


Accepted now :)


great! thank you :D

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