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  5. "I really like bread."

"I really like bread."

Translation:אני מאוד אוהב לחם.

July 24, 2016



Are באמת and ממש both ok to use it this context as "really"? Are they totally synonymous?


For me it depends what you mean. If you use "really" to say "very" then ממש is better. If you mean as "in truth, actually", באמת should be your pick. So option 1 -

"This bread is very good. I really like it." = .הלחם הזה טוב מאוד. אני ממש אוהב אותו

Option 2 -

Person A: "I like this bread." = אני אוהב את הלחם הזה

Person B: "Do you really like this bread? I think it's terrible" = אתה באמת אוהב את הלחם הזה? אני חושב שהוא נורא

Though, I think no eyebrows will be raised if you use "באמת" instead of "ממש" (option 1).


Ummm... Could be different for different speakers, but to me they're not, ממש would work better here. מאד is "very" or "very much".


Why not :אני כן אוהב לחם


That's "I do like bread".


This is confusing. מאוד means for me "very much", but not "really". For "really" I would surely take ממש or באמת, as discussed below by @radagastthebrown...


i agree. i also used באמת


ani me'od ohev lekhem

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