"Whose children drink wine?"

Translation:הילדים של מי שותים יין?

July 24, 2016

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For a correct answer, it says של מי הילדים ששותים יין?

Why is there an extra ש at the beginning of ששותים ?


The direct translation of that sentence is "Whose are the children who drink wine?". The ש prefix in Hebrew is used like "that", "who", or "which" in English to introduce a dependent or relative clause.


There is a distinction between two kinds of "that" that mean ש.

I hope you get the distinction..

He says "that" it should be done

That one is the one "that" i like

What do we call (what is the part of speech of) "that" in each of the cases ?


It is literally: " of who are the children THAT drink wine " The ש is the 'that'


ha-yladim shel mi shotim yáin


למה יין ולא מיץ ענבים?? מה קורה פה???


Why is hey needed before children?


Because הילדים של מי literally means "the children of who" -> "whose children".


I answered:

של מי הילדים שותים יין?

and got it right, but with the message about my answer having a typo. Apparently the correct answer is

הילדים של מי שותים יין?

Other than the word order I don't see any difference between the two sentences, and it can't be the word order alone that's triggering the message, because in that case my answer would have been marked incorrect. Can someone please explain what I'm missing here?


I just got the same behaviour. I think it is a word order issue, but clearly not one that makes it incomprehensible. I would also be interested in an explanation why if anyone has one!


It is the extra ש for the subclause; see this comment and its answers.
Nevertheless, I wonder whether the version without ש is correct or not; it was my answer (apart from my forgetting the ה article…).


ששותים with extra ש is missing in the words to be chosen.


It would be nice if you had that answer to choose from


של מי הילדים שותים יין my solution was like that and it is incorrect. Now I wonder how would a sentence like mine be translated?


i have precisely the same question. Additional queries : 1) why does "של מי"precede "הילדים " ? 2) Why a definitive article before "הילדים ". ? Obliged if someone could provide answers. Thanks


I also think that this should be accepted:

של מי הילדים שותים יין


Why is של מי ילדים שתיים יין incorrect


In order to make it possessive it needs to be definite הילדים של מי?


It actually doesn't give the extra "ש" as an option for choosing.


I think having ששותים as an option in one of the ovals would be a better teaching technique

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