Le canzoni più famose dello Zecchino d'Oro - children's songs in Italian

Zecchino d'Oro is an international children's song festival that is broadcast by Rai (Italian state TV). Here is the Rai home page. And some more information on Wikipedia. Some of the songs that have been performed at the festival have become classics over the years. Here, you will find the most famous songs in Italian with lyrics. I should warn you that many of these songs are regular ear worms. I have been singing Volevo un gatto nero for two days now! And who would not want a black cat? Black cats have attitude!

Thank you for making Duolingo a great place! :)

July 24, 2016


This show used to be very popular and Volevo un gatto nero is probably the second most famous song from Lo zecchino d'oro, the most famous one being about cats, too (44 gatti).

July 24, 2016

Thank you for commenting! The reason I find Volevo un gatto nero so catchy is the fact that it was translated into Finnish when I was a child. So I have been singing it for a long time although not necessarily in Italian. :)

July 25, 2016

Alfmf :-)

July 25, 2016

I had Lo Zecchino d'Oro as a podcast from iTunes, then I used to listen to it whilst cooking dinner, followed by wandering round the house singing the last song I'd listened to and driving the rest of the household potty. ..... Very useful for pronunciation practice.

July 25, 2016

My daughter received 3 of the Zecchino d'Oro CDs as a gift from an Italian friend. She would play them nonstop and they would drive us crazy! So yes, 'Volevo un Gatto Nero' is a song I think I may never get out of my head! Great stuff!

July 26, 2016

Se vi piace ascoltare quelle canzoni come "Volevo un gatto nero" posso vi consigliano i cd "la rosina bella" e "Stella stellina" di un gruppo che si chiama "...e la luna?" Sono davvero bellissima di ascoltare perche i musicisti suonano gli strumenti veri e proprii (invece i midi-suoni di youtube) e la cantante ha una voce incredibile. Anche le mie figlie piacciono molte, anche se non capiscono l'italiano...

August 1, 2016
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