"Ki kapja a bort, ki kapja a sört?"

Translation:Who gets the wine, who gets the beer?

July 24, 2016



Why not "is getting" instead of gets?

September 14, 2016


Please report it.

October 26, 2016


"to get" and "to receive" are the same thing, my answer should be accepted.

July 24, 2016


Did you report it? If not, please do so next time you encounter the sentence, by clicking on the "Report a Problem" button that appears after you answer a question. Choose the "My answer should be accepted" option, and sooner or later it will be added as another correct translation. :)

July 24, 2016


well, 9 months passed but the mistake remains the same. It seems, that the button "report a problem" doesn't work at all :(

May 4, 2017


The button works perfectly fine. The problem is just that no one seems to have the time to work through those reports.

May 4, 2017


Why variant in Present Cont. wasn't accepted? As far as I understand, there is no difference in Hungarian.

October 17, 2016
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