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"בכל יום שלישי בעלי נותן לי ורד!"

Translation:Every Tuesday my husband gives me a rose!

July 24, 2016



having the masculine voice for this is nice, duolingo


I would give high praise if this was intentional. However there are several other dictations that were recorded by the wrong gender, which were obvious because of their incorrect grammar. This was even confirmed by the course creators. So it's possible that the gender of this recording was entirely unintentional.


Intentional or not, I hope they keep it!


There is no need to force a leftist agenda on participants of a language course. Some people are so smart they are stupid.


Back to the discussion of language... I find it odd that duolingo translates this as "is giving me a rose" instead of "gives me a rose" which is a more commonly used expression. I see this with translations of many present tense expressions. Why is that?


Probably because hebrew only has 1 present tense and english has 2. Most of the time both are equally good, but sometimes the sentence only works one way (such as this one, where the "every tuesday" part tells us that this is habitual, not currently occuring. Alone, "my husband gives me a rose" and "my husband is giving me a rose" are both totally fine), and my guess is that sentences like this just slip through the cracks. The hebrew course is still relatively new, after all.


Should be said by a woman.


Ah. You two must be newlyweds.

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