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"This is what is wrong with him."

Translation:Dyma beth sy'n bod arno fe.

July 24, 2016



Word option for "beth" is listed as "be".


In this context, be is an abbreviated form of beth.


Diolch am yr ateb


Glad to have been a wee bit of help. Hope things are going OK with this shutdown.

Gives us more time on languages study.


Yep, 21st day of self-isolation! :-)


I'm missing something here. Is 'sy' a present tense of bod after a question word? Why not Beth ydy'n bod? Ah, something to do with oes?


You need to read the notes because the Welsh sentence construction is not the same as English. "Sy" = who/that/which, depending on sentence. Hope that is helpful.


Thank you. Though if sy is a relative, there's no finite verb in the sentence (bod = infinitive), which is grammatically puzzling. The notes only say Beth sy'n (bod) = what is. Later: I've found the answer in an old Teach Yourself book. It seems to be a combined relative AND a verbal form of bod, so sydd/sy = who is, that is, which is. That explains my question anyway!

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