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  5. "Kiến trúc sư đang vẽ."

"Kiến trúc đang vẽ."

Translation:The architect is drawing.

July 24, 2016



From the Sinitic Japanese neologism 建築 kenchiku ‘building’, adopted to Chinese as jiànzhù (PRC) or jiànzhú (RoC) (Cantonese gin3zuk1, Miaoli kien-chuk, Meinong kian-chuk); thence Chinese 建築師 -shī (Cantonese si1, literary Hokkien su), with the suffix for ‘master, specialist’.


Nah, the credit for that goes to Wiktionary, but thanks! =)


@AnCatDubh, just a little note for you. Officially i don't think there is a Hokkien dialect/language. A commonly used dialect in Malaysia and Singapore by these so called 'Hokkien' speakers is actually Min Nam. Hokkien (Fujian) is a province in China and in it, there are Hokchew, Hokchiang, Putian, Teochew, Min Nam etc dialects. All of them are Hokkien because they live in Fujian yet they don't understand each other. So your words 'Hokkien su' will not be understood by lots of people in Fujian except the Min Nam. Make sense?


I think they will understand.

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