"The soldier does not fight between the cities."

Translation:A katona nem a városok között harcol.

July 24, 2016

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Shouldn't it accept "A katona nem harcol a városok között"?


Yes it should be accepted.


What is wrong with "A katona a varosok kozott nem harcol", apart from the absence of accents?


Just got an e-mail that it, well the accented version, was added :)


I would also like to know


it's nothing wrong with it, should be accepted. Although the order of the words will indicate which part you want to emphasise in the sentence, the placement of the negation ("nem") will show, which part of the sentence shall be opposed: "A katona a városok között NEM harcol" - "The soldier in general is fighing everywhere, but NEVER between the cities" "A katona NEM a városok között harcol" - "The soldier is now fighing, but at the moment he is not between the cities" (but there is a chance he will fight there as well at some point)

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