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  5. "האם זאת החצר שלה?"

"האם זאת החצר שלה?"

Translation:Is this her yard?

July 24, 2016



Is there a particular reason for the way that החצר seems to be pronounced here hechatser (rather than hachatser). An interaction between two successive 'a' vowels, or something more particular than that ?


The rule is a bit complicated, and isn't worth learning because no one speaks like that. Anyway, for it to be pronounced 'he-' instead of 'ha-', these conditions have to be met -

1) It has to come before either ע ,ה or ח

2) It has to have kamatz gadol (nikkud) ('ah' sound, but not every 'ah')

3) If it's ה or ע, the first syllable must not be stressed

But it's really not important in my opinion. I'm surprised they even use it in the audio.


I agree with radagastthebrown. Learn these rules only if you have an academic interest. Nobody speaks like that unless they are reciting poetry or narrating a state ceremony, native speakers learn these rules at school and many of us forget them later.


I have nothing of substance to add to radagast & almogl. I'll just say that I was not surprised by the pronunciation because I started Hebrew with biblical Hebrew rules in which before an unaccented הָ and עָ and always before חָ nikkud for the definite article is הֶ It was interesting to learn from people who know Israeli Hebrew that that ancient rule (which goes back at least to the tenth century masoretes) is now relegated to poetry and such.


I am surprised to hear that these rules are not followed. I learned them in my (American) school and have heard them used. I guess it depends on who you talk to...


Is there a difference in meaning between חצר and גינה? In England a yard is a small area without grass, but in the US it is a garden.


חצר is a yard while גינה is a garden. In Mishnaic Hebrew there was a distinction, apparently, between גן, "garden," and גינה, "vegetable garden" (Pérez Fernández, Intro grammar of Rabbinic Hebrew, 65).

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