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  5. "Làm ơn lặp lại!"

"Làm ơn lặp lại!"

Translation:Please repeat!

July 24, 2016



Exactly what I thought when I heard it.


Could it also be "xin lặp lại"?


that sounds better and polite. lam on is more nagging or unhappy


To me:

It sounds like "please do it again!" because the first time wasn't good enough


Not really related but, most of the language in this course can be considered disrespectful. It seems like you guys have made this course with the idea of having an audience that uses this course to use it and visit Vietnam as a tourist. It's nice and all but 'tôi' can be considered disrespectful to some people. You should have a course where it teaches to speak respectfully. Example: if youre talking to an older male, anh, ong, chu etc. or older woman, chi, co, ba. And most of this is in Mien Bac dialect (i think) I just know its not Mien nam dialect. Thanks.


As a beginner, what should we use in place of tôi? Is there a more respectful word for "I" to replace it with?


Instead of using toi, you can use em. Em refers to yourself if youre younger. If you are older then the person youre speaking to, you can use chị, cô or bà. Chị is of an older sisters age, cô is of a mothers age and bà is of a grandmas age.


I answered "please repeat that" and it was given as being wrong. Semantically there is no significant difference between "please repeat" and "please repeat that" in English. Moreover "please repeat", in most contexts, would sound extremely abrupt when said by an English speaker. At least it does to me.


In which situation can this phrase be used?


Co noi lai duoc khong? This is more respectful. Or just say Da? lol


who says "please repeat" without any subject?

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