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Spoken words on the card screen.


This screenshot shows the "card" question type, where you need to pick the card which matches the word shown.

I find it rather frustrating that the word is never spoken audibly, like in other question types. One must hope that the word shown is included in a sentence later in the lesson in order to learn the correct pronunciation.

Particularly without nikud, it's nearly impossible to guess how to correctly pronounce a word when it's presented for the first time. This means I end up paying very little mental attention to these types of questions.

My suggestion is to either:

a) Play the audio once the correct answer is given, or

b) Flip the question language to be:

Select the correct translation of "סוס" (The correct answer being "Horse")

This way, the spoken audio can be played before an answer is given.

July 25, 2016

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As for many other languages (and more and more with new languages being added), Duolingo didn't find a decent third-party Text-to-Speech engine to use. Therefore they paid a third-party company to record the audio for 4000 sentences in the course. Consequently:

  • No audio on each word (consequently, for example, no "slow audio" on any sentence)
  • Sentences not among those 3000 have no audio at all

So, what you're suggesting is unfortunately impossible (for the moment, at least).

  • a) isn't possible
  • b) wouldn't have for consequence for an audio to be played.

the word is never spoken audibly

Just to be sure (not an English native speaker), you mean no sound is played at all? Not that it's played but in a "bad quality" which would mean that Duo recently found a way to have audio for words despite having bought recordings only for entire sentences.

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