"Where can we find the buildings?"

Translation:Hol találjuk az épületeket?

July 25, 2016

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I am having difficulty to understand when I use the suffixe "unk" or "juk", In the above translation I did it (Hol talalunk az épülett?).


I'm no expert as I am also learning this too! -unk is indefinite and -juk is definite. But here's a good write up with more information on here:


And another article:



So am I. I need to revisit those notes under the lessons, I guess, but any further info is appreciated.


So would it be "hol találom az épületeket ?" or hol találok ?


"Hol találom?" Very good!


For "can we find" shouldn't it be 'Hol tudjuk talalni...'? Otherwise, there's no 'can' in the Hungarian sentence...


English tends to be a bit freer with "can" in sentences such as "I can see a man over there" or "I can't find my wallet".

It doesn't mean "I haven't learned how to see/find" or "I do not possess the mental ability/capacity to see/find" but basically just means "I am currently not in a position to see/find". I believe Hungarian just uses a plain negative here, so literally says "I see a man over there" and "I do not find my wallet", but in English, a translation using "can/can't" is often more idiomatic.


3 years ago bnyugat asked the very same question that I want to ask now. He doesn't appear to have had an answer so maybe I will be luckier. This question asks "Where CAN we find......." So, is Hol tudjuk találni az épületeket? correct or not? If it is correct, is it a better translation given the use of "can?" The computer won't accept it.

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