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  5. "Wzięłaś portfel?"

"Wzięłaś portfel?"

Translation:Have you taken your wallet?

July 25, 2016



"Your wallet" is wrong translation. There is no word "your" in polish sentence.


In the most strict sense, you are right, but it can still be assumed by default.


Why? By default it may be any wallet - this, that, my, his, your, white...


your/a/the - everything works and is a valid translation.


That's my point


"The default" doesn't describe how the sentence is written grammatically, but rather how it is used in practice. When Polish person tells you to take a wallet, they most likely mean your wallet. They might not have said that verbatim, but this is what they meant.

If, in some weird scenario when it doesn't matter which wallet is taken, we wished to make that fact clearer, we would likely said „Wzięłaś jakiś portfel?”.


The list of offering words have not been had an article "a" and it was repoted that my variant was wrong.


sorry so it would be " you've taken a wallet?"


No, the Polish sentence is in the Past Tense.


A year late, but "you've taken" is past tense; it's just an abbreviation of "you have taken". As there is no "czy" in the original Polish, "you've taken a wallet?" should be OK.


I have no clue what my problem was, "you've taken" is so clearly past tense it's just hard to understand what my way of thinking must have been then... unless that comment has been edited, perhaps? "You've taken a wallet?" works.


Wziąłem but wzięłam o_O

Is there a guide to vowel mutations in the past tense?


There are a bunch of irregular verbs in Polish and wziąć is one of them. I can't remember if something like that occurs in regular verbs.

Here's a list of them https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/Aneks:Język_polski_-_czasowniki_nieregularne


Shouldn't "did you take the wallet" also be correct?


Have you taken your wallet would be wzięłaś swój portfel not wzięłaś portfel. We do not know from the context of the sentence about which exactly wallet the sentence is about. It can be any wallet.


It could be, that's why "a wallet" and "the wallet" are also accepted, but in 95% of situations this will be "your wallet" and there's really absolutely no need to use a possessive in Polish. It's just considered obvious.


nie wiadomo czyj portfel wzięła...więc dlaczego swój?


Jakiś określnik tu musi być (your/a/the), inaczej to zdanie byłoby niegramatyczne.

Interpretacja, według której ona wzięła swój własny portfel jest najbardziej prawdopodobna, dlatego główna odpowiedź zawiera słówko 'your'.

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