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  5. "Co wiesz o tej sprawie?"

"Co wiesz o tej sprawie?"

Translation:What do you know about this case?

July 25, 2016



What does it mean here, by "case"? I understand To nie twoje sprawie, means, "It's none of your business," but I don't quite understand "case."


"To nie twoja sprawa." = "It's none of your business."

It does sound criminal a bit. But it could also be "matter", for example. Or "issue".



In both Ukrainian and Belarusian, BTW

Jak sprawy? means "How are you?"

(Ukrainian also has Jak sja majesz.)


Yeah, in Polish you can ask "Jak się masz?", although it's informal. Как твои дела? doesn't translate well to Polish, on the other hand.


Or English. {How are things?}?


"Jak się pan[i] ma" is the polite form, no? Is there a Ukrainian equivalent to this form?


"Jak się pan/pani ma" is like... semi-formal? I think it's okay in a number of situations, but for some it may be too much of an informal construction, although used with Formal You. Hard to say, really. I guess it should be okay unless it's a really formal conversation, although I wouldn't say it to a teacher, I guess.


In Ukrainian you could say Як ваші справи [Jak wasi sprawy] or Як ся маєте [Jak sja majete], but it is also awkward to use in a formal situation, even though the formal "you" is used. In general, I think that you don't use these phrases in formal settings anyway.

You could say Як поживаєте [Jak pożywajete]. That is a more formal "How are you."


I'm wondering why it couldn't also be What do you know of/about this business? In British English it is used commonly in the sense of some matter, like hearing two people have had an argument and asking what's this business between you and such-and-such, or any set of circumstances.


What is the difference between znać and wieć? I hope I got the infinitives for those right...


Take a look at https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/13865766/Difference-between-znam-and-wiem for a few explanations comparing the use of "znać" and "wiedzieć" to their use in other languages.


do you know what... cabri sans cor... means?


"What do you know about this business" was not accepted despite it being commonly used in English.


Well, the word "business" is very ambiguous, so I'm not sure if that's the best idea here...


If it could be "matter" as you said why doesn't the system accept this answer?


I can see that "matter" is an accepted answer in the database. To answer your question, we'd need to see your full answer, not just one word from it.

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