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  5. "המשטרה באה!"

"המשטרה באה!"

Translation:The police are coming!

July 25, 2016



Ahh! Hide the doughnuts!


My 2 cents: I also think it's accepted in american english to say "the police is coming" and is in my opinion what is most commonly said. "The police" designates a group of undetermined people.


I would not say that. Police refers to multiple officers. If one officer is coming, I would say "the officer is coming".


Do you speak American English? I'm an American, and I'm not familiar with this usage.


I agree that the correct answer in English is that the police are coming - at least colloquially.


Funny thing, I heard sirens outside when I did this question.


One of the accepted answers is "The police comes". This isn't normally used as "police" is a plural noun in English. (The singular of police is policeman/woman or officer).


Isn't this a AE/BE thing? Don't Americans treat "police" as singular? In any case, if the police "is coming" then the police "comes", whereas if the police "are coming" then the police "come". I think all four options should be accepted, but would a native English speaker (from either side of the pond) comment on that.


No, Americans use police as a plural noun. As far as I can tell, the British do as well. I can't find anyone who uses police as a singular noun. The closest I can find is the use of either 'policeman/woman' or 'officer' to refer to a single member of the police.


Come to think of it, police are never alone aren't they? They always got a partner? That might be why police is always treated as plural.


Thanks, I learned something new. So does "the police is coming" also incorrect?


Yes. "The police is coming" is incorrect. The correct phrase is "the police are coming"


Thanks again.


It's been fixed now


I'm an American. My understanding of British English is that they often use plural verbs with organization names but Americans would use singular verbs for them. Maybe that's what you're thinking of. An American might say "NASA is still number one in moon landings!", but a British person might say "Nasa are still number one in moon landings." I think the American logic is that the organization is syntactically a singular noun, and the British logic is that it is semantically a group of people.

For whatever reason, "police" is a plural noun in any usage I'm familiar with.

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