"Is the twenty-third man Chinese too?"

Translation:A huszonharmadik férfi is kínai?

July 25, 2016

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What's wrong with this word order: a huszonharmadik férfi kínai ís?


The word "is" refers to the word before it. So, you are saying that he is not only some other nationality but also Chinese. As opposed to saying that this man is part of the group of Chinese people.

The English sentence could convey both meanings but this Hungarian sentence means only one of them.


yes, and because we're translating from English, then either translation should be ok. If it was translating from Hungarian, then the meaning is clear. But the point is to translate from English...so we're just supposed to guess? That's not fair or accurate...


That's why this course is in the beta (test) phase. We keep reporting all the possible answers, that were missed, as much as we can. Please join us! There is a lot to do! Or, if it is just too frustrating (totally understandable, trust me), come back in a few months, this course should be in a much better shape by then.


Nah, I'm having too much fun now to leave for a few months!! I will definitely keep reporting. But I got from the prior answer that mine was just wrong and it didn't matter whether it was in Beta or not. I misread it, I guess.


OK. No, all I meant to say was that yours was an alternative correct answer that the contributors did not think of. Well, we have the Report a problem button for that. So, keep pushing it, and have fun! I already see a huge improvement to how it was two weeks ago. So, there is hope!


That's a tip! I am still having trouble knowing where to put it. I got burned the same way - and there are only five words!

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