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  5. "אתם מגיעים למסיבה הערב?"

"אתם מגיעים למסיבה הערב?"

Translation:Are you coming to the party this evening?

July 25, 2016



Can't you say 'arrive' instead of 'come'?


It's even a better fit in my opinion, coming = באים.


True, literally it is a better fit, but it is not a natural English expression. In standard English we would more likely say "are you going" or "are you coming" instead of "are you arriving". All three should be accepted.


Ok, I'll report it!


Why "This" party? there is no למסיבה הזאת


The party This evening


As I said totally inaudiable voice.....

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"Do you arrive to the party tonight?" - I think it should be acceptable.


It's not really how we'd say it in English. Arrive isn't used this way.. It's awkward all around. What time will you arrive. Can you arrive at a certain time. It's also not used as much as come and "get/got there". If you were going to use arrive (Ignoring the Hebrew translation, just in general) Will you (or can you ) arrive at the party tonight. Is slightly better imho, but it's just not used. (It's not that it's wrong, it just sounds weird in modern English - it might be used elsewhere, but Am English. East Coast, it's not natural to say it that way.

And it would be "at the party" not to the party, unless you meant party as a group of people not an actual event. (Maybe others have heard this used where they live, British and Australian English do have differences with American English).


I agree, don't know any British folks (or Aussies, for that matter) who would phrase this any other way than the "official" version given above. It isn't an exactly literal translation of the Hebrew, but any other way would be poor English grammar.

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Will you come to the party tonight? Why is it wrong?


There is no future tense in this sentence.

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