"On chodzi."

Translation:He walks.

July 25, 2016



Is there any way to tell when chodzi means walks vs goes? Or does it matter?

July 25, 2016


"Goes" should imply some direction, so it rather cannot be a correct answer in such a short, vague sentence. But "on chodzi do szkoły" could be translated both as "he goes to school" and "he walks to school".

July 26, 2016


Shouldn't "He is going" be accepted? Or I'm kinda lost here. CAPTAIN!

October 11, 2016


To quickly answer:

chodzić = the Simple versions (to go, to walk)

iść = the Continous versions (to be going, to be walking)

To be walking without a purpose and direction can also be "chodzić".

October 12, 2016


To Marek: Is iść imperfective and chodzić perfective?

April 10, 2017


They are both imperfective, they don't say anything about 'reaching the place'. They differ in aspect: habitual vs progressive (Simple vs Continous).

April 11, 2017
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