"Az apósom és az anyósom moziba mennek."

Translation:My father-in-law and mother-in-law are going to the cinema.

July 25, 2016

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Previously when I used movies, it was not accepted. only cinema was accepted. now cinema was not accepted.


I don't understand something. In the previous sentence (“A nagypapád és a nagymamád hol lakik?”) the singular form of the verb was used: “lakik”, not “laknak”. Why is it now the plural form?


If there are two singular subject together, both the singular and the plural forms are correct, can be used.

A nagypapád és a nagymamád hol lakik?

A nagypapád és a nagymamád hol laknak?

Az apósom és az anyósom moziba mennek.

Az apósom és az anyósom moziba megy.

All of these are correct.


I used the word bank, "go" was not listed, so I chose "are going", not accepted. Either allow whatever is listed, or get rid of the work bank option. Not fair!


------- but both "are" and "going" are in there . maybe they changed it since you made your post . . .

Big 2 aug 18


jzsuzsi, you are an angel! Dan, you had exactly the same question as me! Sometimes it all works.


I initially wrote "to the cinema" then corrected it to "to a cinema" after being pinged so many times for using the wrong article, only to find that, this time, they expect you to use the definite article, when the Hungarian doesn't.


is this litterally go into (because of ba) or go to the cinema in general


Go to the cinema in general. Go into the cinema would be rather "bemennek a moziba". (Don't forget the old, ugly directional lessons :)

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