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  5. "כמעט כל האנשים לובשים בגדים."

"כמעט כל האנשים לובשים בגדים."

Translation:Almost all the people are wearing clothes.

July 25, 2016



Doesn't this mean "in general" - if SO, no "the" in English


When is האנשים, "the men" and when is it "the people"?


The plural אנשים would almost always mean "people". If you want to emphasise that you're speaking about men, you should use גברים.


Here is a useful tip for learning כמעט:

It is formed from combing כ and מעט.


Could you explain that again?


I will delete the third paragraph.

"Orthographic minimal pairs with respect to כמעט are usually based on using כ as a conjunctive orthographic prefix."

By the way, "קמט" (wrinkle, crease; (he) creased) is useful to consider as orthographically contrastive with, albeit othographically quasi-homophonous with:


Of course, "לקמט" (to crease, to wrinkle) if its phonetics as "lekamet" is known can be simple to identify as having ק instead of כ

Another useful contrast is:

"כמת" (as dead)

I was looking for orthographic contrasts with respect to כמעט, and particularly with respect to homophonous letters. To be noted is that in Hebrew, some of the phonetically identical letters are not phonologically identical.


It is also gramaticly correct to write, Almost all people wear clothes.


Likewise "almost everyone wears clothes" should be accepted.


Context? Maybe a storyteller is telling: It is freezing cold during night. Even if they have warm blankets almost all the people are wearing clothes.


A very funny thing happened a couple of weeks ago when we had the Arctic vortex bringing extremely cold weather to Pennsylvania. We had snow and freezing rain, so I decided to cancel the weekly meeting of the Yiddish Club of which I am President. When I spoke the message into my text messaging, it typed instead of Yiddish Club, "nudist club." Cancel a nudist club meeting during extremely cold weather? Well I should think so! But if "almost everyone wore clothing," perhaps one could still have the meeting. But would it still be a nudist club?


That might increase interest in your club.


That's not enough.

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