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  5. "Nigdy tego nie robili."

"Nigdy tego nie robili."

Translation:They have never done it.

July 25, 2016



How about "They haven't ever done this."


OK, added.


"They never have done this" is a very strange sentence to my native ears


It's just an accepted answer, not the main one. To my understanding, it emphasizes the 'never' part.


It shouldn't be an accepted answer, the order is wrong. "They have never done this" is good though.


I'm going to go with the opinion of one of our British contributors, who still says that it works with stress on the "never". It's not an answer that should be displayed to you unless you put it yourself, anyway.


Why is 'they never were doing this' wrong?


Seems okay, added now.


You would never structure the sentence that way in English, though. If anything, a better translation would be "they never did this/that," or simply restructure yours to say "they were never doing this."


I confirmed* with a native that "You can do it if you're emphasising it." - although I have to say that it sounds weird to my own ears.

*confirmed again, I must have asked about this before accepting it a year ago ;)


I have to say I disagree, it should be 'they were never doing this' or 'they never did this', definitely not 'they never were doing this'. Couldn't tell you why though, it just pains the native ear ;)


Would "nigdy tego nie zrobili" mean something like "they have never been done with it" focusing on the lack of completing the action?


Yes, something like that. Never completed and perhaps even never started. And it implies a one-time action. Here's an example from the Polish Corpus:

Nasza przyjaźń przetrwała dlatego, że zawsze miałem ochotę cię poderwać, a nigdy tego nie zrobiłem.

Our friedship lasted (that long) because, even though I always wanted to make a move on you, I (ultimately) never went through with it.


Got it, thanks! :)

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