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"Kvinnan tar en promenad varje dag"

Translation:The woman takes a walk every day

July 25, 2016



What is wrong with "each day" as a translation for "varje dag"?


'Varje' can be translated as 'every' or 'each' - most of the time both work, although there is a slight difference in meaning ('each' puts the emphasis on the individual item, which 'every' focuses on all of the items/the totality). There are also some situations where you have to use one or the other. (Here is a link that might be helpful:(http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/youmeus/learnit/learnitv110.shtml)).

For me, "every day" where it refers to a repeated event is one of those situations where it would feel strange to use 'each' but as it sometimes seems to be used by native speakers in this way, 'each day' is now accepted as an option. However, it might be better to use 'every day' as 'each day' may sound unnatural to some native speakers.


Why " takes a walk" cannot be simply translated with "walks"?


I'd consider them different. Obviously, if you're talking a walk, you're also walking - but you could well be walking without talking a walk.


The woman has a walk every day should be acceptable.


Yes, do report it if you encounter it again, please.

Edit: Added that now that I'm a contributor again, a few months later.

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