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"גם אם אתה רוצֶה, זה לא משנֶה."

Translation:Even if you want, it does not matter.

July 25, 2016



Another "why is this not possible?": "Even if you want to, it doesn't matter."


Doesn't גם mean "also" ?


Yes. But "even if" = גם אם or אפילו אם.


This is not a complete sentence. Even if you want - want what -


Yes, in English the verb "want" often takes an object, so the English at any rate sounds incomplete or stilted. It's interesting, however, that Hebrew can use רוצה without an object, as was the case in classical Hebrew where the verb could have the sense of "be pleased, find acceptable" (e.g., Ecc 9:7) and so could be used without an object. This exercise helps us see that Hebrew works differently from English with this verb. It's good idiomatic Hebrew even if a literal translation into English is not so great.


“Mom, I want to take you to a rock concert.” “Even if you want, it doesn’t matter. I’m not going.”


Why can't this mean "even if you want [it to], that won't change"?


ll זה לא משנה is a fixed phrase. Also, זה לא משנה is present tense, so you'd have to say "even if you want, it doesn't change", which doesn't sound great in English, I think.


It doesn't sound good in English, no. But something like, "It doesn't change anything", or "it won't change anything" are idiomatic, and may be closer to the literal meaning of the Hebrew expression. But maybe it is just best to learn it as "it doesn't matter". Cheers,


exactly what I think :) so long as I can figure out how our expressions are expressed in Hebrew I am good!


Can it be "also if you want, it doesn't change" ?


Why is 'it makes no difference' not accepted for 'it does not matter'.Couldn't לא משנה mean that here?


Sounds to me like it should be accepted.

[deactivated user]


    Would "Even if you want it will make no difference" make an incorrect translation?


    Change it to the present tense ("it makes no difference"), and I think it should be accepted.


    Can we also translate it to: "even if you want, it doesn't change"?


    Not really. If by "it doesn't change" you mean that the thing you point to stays the same, then in Hebrew it would be זה לא משתנה (note the additional ת, I imagine it's taught in some more advanced lesson).

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