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  5. "Anyone can become a hero."

"Anyone can become a hero."

Translation:Bất kỳ ai đều có thể trở thành một anh hùng.

July 25, 2016



why we add "đều" in this context?


I think it is a very good question, and perhaps... if my English is good enough, I can guess this sentence in Vietnamese could mean "Anyone, you and me (or one and another), can become a hero." But not talking about two people or a particular group of people. Instead, talking about two or more people in general. So, the same idea is presented just with the word "anyone" in English. I am not really sure, and I am still trying to understand how the combinations of Vietnamese words can change a particular meaning. ;)


From everything I've read, 'điều' should be 'commonly used, but not required'.


Why, after so many just 'anh hùng's to mean 'a hero' , is not một mandatory??

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