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  5. "Are you outside?"

"Are you outside?"

Translation:Bạn có đang ở ngoài không?

July 25, 2016



"bạn đang ở ngoài không?" was also not accepted, why?


Same here. It's accepted with "Toi đang ở ngoài" and "con mèo đang ở ngoài", so why not here? Google, while imperfect, says it also should be accepted.


According to the advanced learner I have access to, the "có" is always required in yes/no questions to be grammatically correct. However, it's perfectly understandable and often more natural in relaxed speech to omit it.

He said to compare it to the English do/did. It's correct to say "Did you eat yet?" But often people simply ask "You eat yet?"


The problem is, even on DL, the 'có...không' rule is not always enforced. Not even just 'không'.


There are some usages that có should not be used, just không. And đang is supposedly one of them.


I'm not a native speaker, but I agree this seems correct.

(I also want Dingo to update me when a native speaker responds


Me too: I never know if my questions or comments get some input and it sucks (Edit: I'm sorry for this, I found all notifications in my spam folder, so check there first!)


I just made it accepted. please note that this construction is very familiar, casual, not to be used with elders, strangers, people of higher social position if you do not want to sound rude.


Thank you chị! I don't think the risk is real because of the bạn at the beginning.


I wrote 'bạn ở ngoài không?' and was marked incorrect. Could a native speaker tell me why exactly? Thanks.


I talk with natives on a daily basis (though not the northern dialect duo teaches) though im not actually native and though you are technically supposed to use có with không it should not be marked wrong as it is rarely used in conversation and duo doesnt use it itself half the time. And there are also a lot of times where không can be used without có or even shouldnt be used though im not sure what they are exactly yet


...or you just may add phải không to an affirmative sentence, không cần có!


Same for me guys.... "Bạn đang ở ngoài không" was marked incorrect.


Sometimes I put "có" in questions like this and the app tells me it's correct, other times it tells me it's incorrect.


Ban dang co o ngoai khong?. Ban co dang o ngoai khong? 2 cau nay giong nhau


Actually, if I recall Huy correctly, you shouldn't use 'có...không' with 'đang', nor with sẽ or đã or chưa. Just 'không'.

If so, this is wrong.


Wow... Not sure if obsessive or brilliant, but definitely motivated.

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