"I am calling my colleague."

Translation:Dzwonię do mojego kolegi.

July 25, 2016

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"Kolega" means friend, right? Why does colleague = kolega? Shouldn't it be something like co-worker?


"Przyjaciel" means "friend" in Polish.

To clarify the difference, in other languages the term "friend" is used more loosely while in Polish you won't call anyone you know a "friend" (przyjaciel). In Poland you don't have lots of "friends from school", you'll have "colleagues from school" (koledzy/koleżanki ze szkoły).

A friend (przyjaciel) would be a really close person you can tell things you wouldn't tell all your colleagues. Yes, you can have multiple people you'd call friends, but there is a difference there while in English it seems that everyone is a friend except for people at work - the word "colleague" seems to be reserved specifically for work-colleagues.


"colleagues" you were drinking with and "friend" carried you home when you passed out. Unless, of course, if you drink with everyone and then passed out in the gutter.


Does "calling" always need a "do"


Yes. Unlike in English where you can "call someone", in Polish you're always "calling to someone" (do kolegi, do mamy, do siostry).


What case is kolegi?


Genitive, as needed by "do".


Im a Pole and i'm doing this test for fun. Wołam mojego kolegę is the same as Wołam swojego kolegę and when I wrote swojego it classified that as a mistake. Someone should change it, it could be confusing for non-polish native.


It will work now.

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