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"Mój brat podróżuje częściej niż ja."

Translation:My brother travels more often than I.

July 25, 2016



Shouldn't: My brother travels more than me - be accepted? Just a suggestions


That can be said with a literary translation of "Mój brat podróżuje więcej niż ja", but it's so close that we're going to accept it.


Gremlin in the program, i put down my brother travels more than i do and got it supposedly wrong but the answer was the same as I had. I was told I used the wrong word. To err is human,to screw things up takes a computer.


A dlaczego "My brother is travelling more often than me" jest niepoprawne? Z góry dzięki za info!


"is travelling" dzieje się w tej chwili, więc nijak nie pasuje do "częściej" :)


As in Polish, the correct answer should be "than I. " The nominative is required because it is the subject of the umplied verb, "As I travel. " We expect correct Polish answers and we should expect correct English grammar in answers.


Changed the main answer to "than I".


Both "I" and "me" are correct; it depends on if you see "than" as a conjunction or a preposition.


Certainly, "me" is more common, and it's also taught in all of the ESL materials I've used (including my current materials, from Cambridge University for academic English).


Exactly "more often" not just "often"? So important knowlege....


My brother travels often than I? That doesn't make any sense.

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