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  5. "I would like water, please."

"I would like water, please."

Translation:Vizet szeretnék kérni.

July 25, 2016



when is it supposed to be kérni and when is it supposed to be kérek? or kérem? what is the difference between the three?


"Szeretnék kérni" is "I would like to ask" and is the politest form. You use "kérek" for indirect objects - some water, a piece of cake. And "kérem" for direct objects - that water, the whole cake.


Such clarity deserves a lingot Koszonom!


isnt is "kérem" ?


This is not a literal, word-by-word translation. But you are right, "please" can be translated as "kérem" in many situations.

In this example, "Vizet szeretnék kérni" striclty means "I would like to ask for water".

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Would "kerek szepen vizet" be acceptable? That is how I was taught to ask for something politely.


Would a Hungarian ever say "Vizet szeretnék, legyen szíves."?


It is somewhat stilted but grammatically correct.


Thanks. How about a "Vizet legyen szíves."? Is that more or less commonly used than "Vizet szeretnék kérni."?


First of all, both are grammatically correct. If you are talking to a waiter, i do not see any difference. If I asked somebody for water, I would use the latter one. I would use "Vizet legyen szíves" if I had been asked before what I would like to drink. But all of this is style, not grammar.


Well, this was something. :´D



I said " Vizet szeretnék kérni, kérlek" because iI tapped the word "please" and it told me it was "kérlek" and I had already learned "szeretnék kérni" meant "I would like." But it was marked wrong. Why does it give the wrong advice?


I think I have told you to avoid using hints at all - let alone relying on them when translating a fixed, formal sentence.

Hints are not only difficult to handle but they are also shared within the HU-EN and the EN-HU course so we cannot just rewrite them as we wish.

But this time, the hint was right, without context. "kérlek" is a strange kind of informal formality that you could use with friends for example. In the current sentence, it sounds painfully redundant though. "szeretnék kérni" is just nice enough, the fact that in this sentence, it would be the second occasion "kér" appears only makes it worse.


Thanks. The exercise is misleading, as we had already learned that "Vizet szeretnék kérni" means "I would like (to ask for) water." The addition of "please" was misleading, as it made me think that an additional word was needed and I didn't know one, so I clicked it for the hint which, as we see, was entirely unnecessary; the answer would have been the same without it.


I don't know. If it sounds okay in English, I think it's worth learning. You know, people always ask for sentences "they could use". The problem is, useful basic sentences are often fixed phrases or at least contain fixed phrases.

By the way, "Vizet szeretnék" makes sense in Hungarian, too and it's arguably less formal than "Vizet szeretnék kérni". So some difference can be made, after all. Although I still wouldn't say "kérni" stood for that "please". More like, these are phrases that try to mirror how the English sentence sounds and feels.


The hints are per word (or sometimes per phrase). You still have to apply what you have learnt.


Why does it show one word for "please", but when i use that exact word, it denies it?


What word? "Please" doesn't really translate into a "word" in Hungarian.

You need to paste what you actually wrote.


when I hover over that word, below it it shows the word in Hungarian period And I picked it specifically period And it denied it. I don't have the screenshot because I'm not there anymore. I don't know that I'm going to miss it until it's too late to take a screenshot of what I wrote.


Unless you know what was the question exactly (and what type of exercise it was) and what was the exact answer it will be hard to help: sometimes the word hints do not work all that well because a literal word translation is not the right choice (that is not unique to this course), sometimes people put in the wrong kind of answer (really bad typo somewhere else, answering in the wrong language, etc - happens to me as well).

I believe once you finish a lesson (or practice - it may only show up on practice), there should be a button to review your and the expected answers.

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