"She is quite good."

Translation:Ona jest dość dobra.

July 25, 2016



Can you use "raczej" instead of "dość" here?

July 25, 2016


Commonly, you could say that, but in this case I wouldn't recommend it unless the English sentence would be "She is rather good".

There is a subtle difference between "rather" vs. "quite" and "raczej" vs. "dość". If you would rank something based on quality, you would put something that's "quite good" higher on the list than something that's just "rather good".

July 26, 2016


Wow, if these words clearly carry a different meaning to Polish speakers, this is going to be a tough one for me. I've always considered 'rather' and 'quite' as absolute synonyms...

May 29, 2017


Could you have "Ona jest dosyć dobra." ?

March 2, 2019


Yes, added now.

March 3, 2019
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