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"אנחנו הולכים לבית מלון בשנה הבאה."

Translation:We are going to a hotel next year.

July 25, 2016



למה "בית מלון" ולא רק מלון?


Well, בֵּית־מָלוֹן, literally "house of lodging" is a synonym to simply say מָלוֹן. Both are common.


Is this use of הָלַך for future (or future plans?) an Anglicism? I had expected נֵלֵךְ.


The speaker's talking way too fast for "type what you hear". At least for this level.


We just think that, it's a common perception of language learners https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/life-bilingual/201302/why-are-they-talking-so-fast

However, this voiceover actress (imho) slurs her words a bit, making them sound less clear than the male voiceovers.


She says le'veit instead of le'beit. I know the rule for when to use u or v sound for the vav, but what rule is this?


Well, when you put one of the mono-consonantial preposititions ל, ב or כ before a noun starting with a begadkefat consonant, it loses its dagesh and its pronunciation changes from plosive to fricative: כֶּ֫לֶב ['kelev] vs. לְכֶ֫לֶב [le'khevev] to a dog. This is not true, when there is a definite article which reinstates the doubling: לַכֶּ֫לֶב [la'kelev] to the dog


Thanks for quickly responding.

Honestly, It's a bit difficult to decipher when you use words that only those who study linguistics are familiar with (although I'm sure they're easier to understand for people who have studied that field).

I asked this question to Israelis on the Discord Hebrew server - discord.io/Hebrew .... (to be honest I think they're mostly teenagers and gen z - the youngest is 14, so they're are more used to causal conversation... At any rate, they said they say le'beit, that it was normal. I didn't ask about dogs/klavim) yet. I'll try to ask other Israelis who are older and I know personally, but it's definitely confusing all around. Have a good night and thanks for your help!

12 May 2019

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