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  5. "You know a boy."

"You know a boy."

Translation:Znacie chłopca.

July 25, 2016



What is the difference between Ty and Wy?


"Ty" is "you" when you address one person.

"Wy" is "you" when you address more than one person.

There are also formal versions which you will encounter later, which are quite needed because it would be rude to address a stranger "ty", especially if he or she is older. "Ty" is for your friends, for children, for people you feel really comfortable with.


It doesn't really state whether the statement is based on more than one person.


Yes. That is exactly why "(Ty) znasz chłopca" and "(Wy) znacie chłopca" are accepted :)

There are a lot of sentences which are more ambigous in English than in Polish and you will simply have to choose the version you're going to write.


Why is it not wiesz?


English "to know" has two translations: "znać" and "wiedzieć".

"znać" is more as "to be familiar with", "wiedzieć" is "to have knowledge".

Therefore I would say that znać is "to know X", and "wiedzieć" is "to know, that X" or "to know about X".

So no, "wiesz" doesn't suit this sentence.


why is it not chlopiec?


The verb "znać" (to know) takes Accusative.

Basically, the direct object is usually in Accusative.


I cant know if is you(pl) or you(singl) when I translate it


Yes indeed, you can't. Well, such is English...

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