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  5. "לא ראיתי בקבוק מהסוג הזה."

"לא ראיתי בקבוק מהסוג הזה."

Translation:I have not seen a bottle of this kind.

July 25, 2016



what is the difference between this and "i did not see this kind of bottle"


לא ראיתי סוג כזה של בקבוק(ים).


"I've not seen a bottle of this kind" should work!


how to do you tell the difference between i have not seen and i did not see?


Does the מ and ה prefix often combine like this (like ל and ב)? Audio is clearly "masug".


Sorry for the late reply... No, מ and ה don't combine. It's always mehasug and I can clearly hear that it is pronounced like that. :)


Could בקבוק also be translated as dork or schnook or fool? It works in German ("Was für eine Flasche").


no. but there is a Yiddish word (lowned from German) that means fool, has difficulties understanding etc and it similar (a bit?). this word - בּוֹק [Bock] - can be heard now and then..


I see no word like what you spelled in my Yiddish dictionaries. Yiddish uses vov for the sound oo, unlike Hebrew kholom with the dot above the vav, pronounced o or oh. I think you mean "beys, komets-alef, kuf" (bok) which means "billy goat" (he-goat). I've never heard it used about a person, but I suppose it could mean someone who is dorky or stubborn. BTW, it is not a loan-word, just Yiddish from the Germanic side, related to "buck" (adult male of several species of animals) in English. Compare animals related to antelopes, e.g., blackbuck, reedbuck, bushbuck. Between alternate spellings and other species, there are about 20 species whose names end in "bok."

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