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No Alternatives accepted!

For me, this is perhaps the most annoying aspect of Duolingo and should be on their #1 To-Do list to fix. Duolingo selects one English word choice for a translation and rejects all others, even if perfectly correct. E.g. "Wir werden uns über die Gründung der Grundschule freuen". Everyone knows that "sich freuen über" can be translated as "to be pleased / glad / happy / delighted about" and numerous others such as "to rejoice at / about / over" etc. Duolingo had selected "happy". I wrote "glad" and was marked wrong! What can we do? Suggestions please?

June 13, 2012



I agree with you. It gets very annoying, especially in the higher lessons with not so many students yet. That is one of the reasons I reduced my activity here because I can accept that I can fail a lesson, when I have to correct them a few times, but to fail a few lessons in a row because of such things can demotivate you.

Even the responses to the feedback offered to the team have vanished, so there is no way of knowing if the "error" was corrected. The former responses via email were a nice way to see that our feedback was in any way helpful. Without that we have no way to see if the correction was made except by encountering the same question again.

I think a better and transparent response to suggestions and feedback would be helpful.


@grantangi: I still receive the emails after I give feedback. But I've given feedback mainly on the French part of the site, lately. Maybe they're focusing their efforts there...

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