"To mój prywatny samochód."

Translation:It is my private car.

July 25, 2016

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Why not "my own car"?


Because that would be "To mój własny samochód" and it's something you would say if you'd be asked if you really own it yourself or if it's your parent's or friend's car.

In case of "prywatny", though, we're talking about a car you own for your private use and it's not company-owned and used just for work. If it's a company car, then you'd say "To samochód firmowy".


I don't think that "personal" and "private" are synonymous, at least not for this sentence. You can have your personal business car, that means you're the only one who uses it. And you can have a private car that you share with your family, so it's not "personal".


I'm going to agree, although leaving "personal" as an accepted answer. But the main one would be "private" now.

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