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"Bạn muốn thảo luận với nhà thiết kế không?"

Translation:Do you want to have a discussion with the designer?

July 25, 2016



I’m surprised it’s not muốn có.

Also: from Chinese 設計 ‘design; plan’:

  • Mandarin: shèjì
  • Cantonese: chitgai
  • Hokkien siat-kè

And 討論:

  • Mandarin: tǎolùn
  • Cantonese tóuleuhn
  • Hokkien thó-lūn


"có" is not the translation of have here. it is instead paired with "không" to form the yes/no question. in an affirmative sentence, this would become "bạn muốn thảo luận với nhà thiết kế."

if you want to have a literal translation of "want to have a discussion", you should then say something along "muốn có một cuộc thảo luận".


Why cant it be discuss?


Hmm....I get it now. Why use Nhà here. Nhà probably mean 家,I remember nhà hàng. So nhà khoa học literally mean 家科學.


you got it right. 家 is "nhà" but in several occasions we also use its Sino-Vietnamese pronunciation "gia" like in "gia đình" or "gia tộc", or say both "nhà thiết kế" and "thiết kế gia" for 設計家.


So I tried 'Do you want to speak with the designer?'

That's a far more likely way to ask this question in American English, but it didnt pass. I know that isn't a literal translation, but it is a fairly ubiquitous turn of phrase, and I think it should pass here. Perhaps consider it?


I did and added it.


You rock! I love this app!


Do you want to discuss with your architect?


architect = kiến trúc sư

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