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"A vegetarian does not eat meat and eggs."

Translation:Một người ăn chay không ăn thịt và trứng.

July 25, 2016



Wait...does 'ăn chay' mean vegetarian or vegan? Vegetarians eat eggs.


I went and looked this up on Google Translate:

vegetarian - ăn chay

vegan - thuần chay

Duolingo may be wrong, not sure.


A vegetarian eats unfertilized eggs, but not fertilized ones. Not usually much of an issue though as most eggs we buy are unfertilized.


To any English speaker, the word eat implies unfertilized.

If DL meant fertilized, then it needs to be in the translation. Either way the English wrong.


Người ăn chay is neither vegetarian nor vegan. It's a Buddhist practice. It's more strict than vegetarianism and closer to being vegan. But you can't eat onion or garlic for example, but you can eat eggs that are not fertilized. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhist_vegetarianism#Chinese,_Korean,_Vietnamese,_and_Taiwanese_traditions


In a previous lesson, "I am vegetarian”, người was not used. Why?


Do we really need to put “Một” before “người”? I got it marked wrong for not having “một.”

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