"They say no."

Translation:Ellos dicen no.

February 1, 2013

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Why is it not "Ellos dicen que no" here?


I think 'ellos dicen que no' and 'ellos dicen no' mean the same thing, and it doesn't really matter which one you use. When you translate them word for word to English, they really do mean the same thing; you could imagine someone saying either 'they say no' or 'they say that no', although technically 'they say that no' is clumsy English.

But they both convey the same message.


"Ellas dicen no" has the connotation that "they" literally said the word "no." It is a weird, only-just-barely-correct translation, and should be reported as a problem. The correct translation is "Ellas dicen que no."


I think the confusion is that the "que"was required by DL for ''yo digo que sí'''.


i presume that 'ellos dicen que no' would emphasize that they literally all said the word 'no' and 'ellas dicen no' they didn't say exact word 'no' but that what was meant. again this is my assumption


acalleyne, it is the opposite. Ellos dicen que no does not imply that they said the word "no", but that they answered in the negative. eg. Are your friends going to the party? Ellos dicen que no.


Melita2 i need more information about this can you direct me to a website that would emphasize on this


acalleyne, Well, this took me some time... In Word Reference, under negar, they give a synonym of negar as "decir que no": http://www.wordreference.com/es/en/translation.asp?spen=negar. Under decir, http://www.wordreference.com/es/en/translation.asp?spen=decir, there are two examples of decir no, both of which I think imply that the person has actually said "no". Then there is one example of "decir que no" and they also say that "decir que sí" is a verbal phase where the words all go together. Also, that is just the way I learned it, so my ear is accustomed to decir que no, decir que sí :-)


It IS correct, Duo accepted it for me...


Native speaker here, "ellos dicen que no" is the correct way to say it. "Ellos dicen no" requires special intonation to make sense, and you won't hear it often.


No, ellos dicen "ni"! :D


What is the difference between digo and hablo? They both mean talk?


Digo means I say, hablo means I speak


I love this way of saying it; "ellos dicen que no!" Sounds so forceful


Ellos and ellas are still both meaning they


Yes, except that "ellos" would be referring to male, and "ellas" is female. If you have a group of 10 females, you would say "ellas", and if you have 9 females and 1 male you would say "ellos".


If I understand right, "ellos no dicen" is "they don't say", and "ellos dicen no" is "they say no". Is this correct?


ok i realize for the first time i had to check two answeres thank God!!duh man nearly had a fit sorry everyone!

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