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"Az angol diák eljön a narancssárga ajtótól."

Translation:The English student comes away from the orange door.

July 25, 2016



how do you come away from something? Maybe in Hungarian this makes sense, but in English I think you go away through a door, or you come in (still through but maybe from) a door, but coming away from a door? This seems odd.


Would "comes from the door" without "away" sound better?


Mothers say it to their babies all the time. “Come away from that [fill in the blank].” And then the baby comes away from it towards the mother. If a mother just told the baby “go away from the [blank]” the baby would literally run farther away. It isn’t an uncommon phrase in other contexts either. I translated the sentence as “come away from” and didn’t think it was odd phrasing at all.


Sorry but to "come away from the door" doesn't sound like correct English to me.


Agreed: in English there is no "coming away", only "going away". It's really high time to improve the program.


Is there anything wrong with "The english student is coming over from the orange door"? I've requested it be accepted.


answer is incorrect. should be: The English student comes away from the orange door


Yes it should. I just left it out as it wasnt there and for once I got it right


This is Borat English


Not there, it is a mistake


It happens in english too!

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