"Sokat vagy keveset?"

Translation:Many or few?

July 25, 2016

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    Why is this in accusative? Does it assume a verb, i.e. "do you want a lot or a little"?


    A few questions ago, the system dinged me for translating keveset as "a few" when only "few" was considered "correct", and now it's insisting that "few" is wrong and only "a few" is "correct". What the heck? Most frustrating.


    I wrote a lot or a few. I think it is correct. What do you think.


    Poems, maybe? Yes, I can see that. Many or a few. Many or few.
    For "a few" - you can say "néhány". "Néhányat" in accusative.


    what is wrong with a lot or a bit?


    Shouldn't the translation here be "many or a few?" and doesn't it depend on the question being asked? I thought "kicsit" was the correct translation for "a little" Does Hungarian make this distinction when quantifying countable nouns? For instance how would you translate into Hungarian the following sentences?

    "How much pie do you want..a lot or a little" "Just a little thankyou".

    "How many apples do you want?" "Not many, maybe just two thanks".

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